SSH Room Prices

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Remember that the Beneluxlaan crew is not part of the SSH and/or Short Stay staff. We operate on a private basis!

Have you always wanted to know if you are paying much more than the tenant last semester?
Do you think you pay to much? See also this article:
We created an overview with the room fee from all students that participated on the test. Below you can find the results.


This page was created by data gathered from previous tenants. Not all available data is shown due to its relevance. I would like to thank all the people who send my the contract details needed.

This page is meant to be informational about the closed business (which I definitely do not prefer) of the SSH / Short Stay. Prices on this page never guarantee that next semester or school year these prices will be used. Contact SSH / Short Stay for this.

If you are (or have been) a tenant here and would like to help completing this form, please send your name, room number, monthly room fee, school year and semester to or contact us.

Service costs

In the total room fee also some service costs are ‘hidden’. It is unclear what the amount of different service costs are, but the table blow gives a good example want EVERY tenant pays per month:

Service Costs per month
Unblocking drains €0.90
Cleaning €14.88
Insurance €1.20
Tax and duty €7.03
Service maintenance €13.82
Electricity €15.94
Water €5.06
Glass fund €0.55
Garbage collection €9.00
Inventory €5.10


The heating costs are also displayed in the table below. The heating costs are included in the total room fee, so you do not pay this as an extra service.
It is unclear when it is a double room if the price are per person or per room. SSH is not giving us details about this matter.
Again, also the heating costs are part of the total room fee.

Heating €2.14 per m2

For example: A 20m2 room pays 20 * €2.14

Heating costs €43


We also keep track of some statistics we find around the way: