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Example of a shared room

Remember that the Beneluxlaan crew is not part of the SSH and/or Short Stay staff. We operate on a private basis to get you in touch with the right persons.

The beneluxlaan complex in Utrecht is managed by SSH / Short Stay, what does this company?

SSH Short Stay is a business unit within the housing corporation SSH. SSH is primarily targeted to provide accommodation for young people and students who attend the University and Colleges. The total amount of (unfurnished) rooms and apartments that the SSH rents out is estimated at 11.000. SSH Short Stay specializes in letting furnished rooms and apartments to anyone who is looking for temporary accommodation.

How can I get a room there?

Direct Offer
Short Stay offers furnished accommodation to anyone who is looking for temporary housing.
Are you planning to work, study or do an internship? Then check our Direct Offer. There is no waiting list!

Where can I find more information about Short Stay?

On theire children stamp looking website:
And look a this if you have more questions:

The price of the room is very bad!

Yup, I agree! Please read an article posted here

Aslo I have published a page where you can find your room price, and all other costs that are the SSH / Short Stay hides from you:

What does the rest of the building look like?

Check out some of the stories on this page:

Some more pictures of rooms in beneluxlaan: