Out of Control: Hawaii

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Out of Control: Hawaii (22 January 2011)

Out of Control – Hawaii 2011, by Tim

Out of Control – Hawaii 2011, by Tim



Final Beneluxlaan party of this semester: Out of Control: Hawaii (Saturday 22 January 2011)

Location: Ground floor Cycle shed
Beneluxlaan 924A (AKA Beneluxland)

Dinner starts at 21:00, bring something for yourself and your friends.

* Bring to the party your best/tipical food
* The food can be cooked by youself or not, nobody cares, we are not gourmets, but don’t be mean and bring enough food to eat (;
* The kitchen of the ground floor will be open to warm or do the final touch of your lovely dishes but not to cook, so bring your foods already cooked

Party starts at 23:00 till 05:00

* Beer and wine for sell all night long by Team Beneluxlaan at the ‘Tiki Bar’
* The theme is Hawai so good luck dressing up nice
* Does it need any other explanation?


* We will start moving the bicycles early in the morning, if you need it the next day, make sure to park it in your floor or somewhere else
* We want to buy a lot of Hawaii stuff, if you also want some decoration (flowers, skirts, sunglasses, etc.) let me know than we can buy this all together (contact me before the 14th of January)
* We can use all the hands we have to decorate the cycle shed before the party, but also cleaning it up afterwards, so contact us to volunteer

Another party in Beneluxland!

Previouse parties:

Out of Control (9 June 2009)
In Control (24 Jan 2010)
Dinner, Graffiti and Control (12 June 2010)

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=181294211893900

  1. Yes we had fun.
    Nice to meet you too 😉

    Comment by Benjamin — 5 February 2011 @ 18:24