Park transwijk

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Some people asked me to make some pictures of the park. Well, I did already but never put them on the internet.
This is my big chance to make a nice story about the beautiful park we have near Beneluxlaan!

In the winter our park looks like this:

And during the summer:

Find the differences:

Some random images in and around the park:

And what is this for the students? PARTY!
On the 5th of May we celebrate our freedom at the ‘Bevrijdingsfestival‘.

But also citydance hosts some nice party’s.

I cannot miss this park anymore, during the exam week, when you are stressed out of studying, it is so relax to take a walk in this beautiful park! In the summer I take a good bottle of wine and go there in the evening with my date to look at the sky and chill out! With friends we visit the parties and we always argue who’s turn it is to walk back to the flat to get some nice cold beers. But never the less, writing these lines got me in the mood for a nice trip through the park!

December 2009