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Control Parties

An overview of all the Control Parties can be found here!


All the movies in and around Beneluxland can be found here!

No more internet?

Since today it will not be possible to connect to the network on the following floors:
– Ground floor;
– 4th floor;
– 5th floor;
– 6th floor;

As of tomorrow (10th of April 2013) the other floors will be disconnected from the wireless internet provided by

Beneluxlanders Country Overview

Some nice stats what country was represented last school years!

I’m from Holland, where the fuck you from?

Welcome to the Netherlands

Last semester we had a lovely Spanish girl visiting the Beneluxlaan for her Erasmus studie. Her experience describes how it is to be in the Utrecht!

Hotel B924

What the Beneluxlaan should look like if it was a business hotel!

Out of Control: Hawaii

An other party in Beneluxland!

SSH Room Price

Have you always wanted to know if you are paying much more than the tenant last semester?

The SSHell: lack of notifications

During the last years the communications when from bad to worse.
Update: Did it have results?

Dinner, Graffiti and Control

Final Beneluxlaan party of this semester: Dinner, Graffiti and Control.

Beneluxlaan in colors

A nice overview of the colors given to the floors of the Beneluxlaan.

In Control

Another control party in Beneluxland, end of the 1st semester 2009-2010.

Park transwijk

Near the flat is this beautiful park, every day of the year it has something special.

The secrets of Beneluxlaan

Some floor plans we found the other day and a story about the hidden rooms and secrets beneluxlaan has to offer us!

Beneluxlaan in KOMMpakt

University’s annual report (see pages 5-9). It’s about my experiences in Utrecht – of course in German ;( but in general – with many nice memories and especially about the Beneluxlaan and friends I made there 🙂

Out of Control

There was this one party, that everybody is still talking about. Youtube and Facebook are overloaded! Watch the movie and photo’s.

Isa’s Memory

A small story about the time Isa spend in the Beneluxlaan.

The network over the year(s)

Finally a story about the internet in this building, how it started and what it is today.

The first network

It first started all with the network of Sandor, my friend from the 5th floor! His experience in a brief story.

The price of my room? ‘Very bad’

More than half of the foreign students who live in an SSH-room, find it too expensive. This shows a survey of about 180 residents.

Beneluxlaan aka Beneluxland

A story published in the abroad magazine for internationals.