Secrets of Beneluxlaan

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Well everybody is asking me about rooms hidden in this building. I found more then a dozen of them around my years.
So here is a story of the hidden places in beneluxlaan, and damn me if you have found one I missed!

Beneluxlaan aka Beneluxland

Lets start off with the floor plans of this building, we managed to found some documents from around 2002. The documents show some room numbers but a lot has changed over the years, this only gives a good indication!

Ground floor

1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor

4th floor

5th floor

6th floor

Note: when you click on a picture, there is an option to download the file in a bigger format, there is a link for the below the picture.

So, the first thing you might see is the 3 elevators on the plans, but only one is in service. Well lets have a look ‘above’ the elevators what’s happening there!

These pictures are showing the machine and mechanism operating the elevator. A lot of circuits and documents can be found in this room.

But the even more fun part about the elevator is its different appearance over the years!

And from time to time we find a ‘quite life’ in the elevator, I personally think the mattress we found the other day is one of the better! Imagine a person eating or sleeping in the elevator if it opens!

Some Austrian friends made an elevator party the other day, but unfortunately I haven’t got any pictures of it. Enough of the elevator, I can tell stories for hours more!

There was this one time we found a locker… ahhh yes that reminds me of the weirdest things we ever found over here!

We where always cleaning stuff of other people who left their junk behind, and one day we found a locker, but one of the doors was locked (d0h that’s the point of it you might think!). When we opened it we found the following:

Damn it was full of p0rn materials! Condoms, lubricant, cock rings, magazines, dildos & vibratos and even batteries for the vibrators! How often do you ran in to that kind of stuff?? Well, me daily… but I can imagine its quite strange ^^

And have you ever looked to this building closely? I mean from the outside? Well I think you haven’t long enough to see what we found the other day!

Take a good look at the first picture, why are there no curtains behind these windows? And then look on the floor plan of the 6th floor, and finally walk around the 6th floor to find out what we found in the next 2 pictures!

And then we have the marijuana story in the begin of 2008. Story has to be written, but will come soon. Here you can see some pictures what the government took out of the room and the room when it was empty.

Some paces in Beneluxlaan that you probably have never been:

Of course there are a lot more rooms in this building that have locks on it to prevent it revealing its secrets, but the floor plans will give you a good idea what this building is like. Now some friends told me that this story can impress the wrong feelings to people who will come to live here in the future. Hmmm, there they have a point, but I am damn sure that all the people who have lived here will look at this pictures and get a warm Beneluxlaan feeling.

For everybody who has a story about Beneluxlaan please contact me!

November / December 2009

  1. Yeahhh.. Good old Beneluxlaan.. I am missing you Benelux and 512k… So i am looking forward to read the story of marijuana Tim.. Take care all..

    Comment by Munir Tuzcu — 31 December 2009 @ 16:26

  2. The myth…the legend…Beneluxlaan. Classic. I miss this place.

    Comment by Ben Van Deurzen — 7 January 2010 @ 21:10

  3. omg… you really posted those marijuana pictures, great!

    Comment by rip — 12 February 2010 @ 01:09