Isa’s Memory

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Well, my name is Isa and I was living in the room 109 during the last semester!
My experience in beneluxlaan began so late I was only living 2 months and a half before come back to Spain but it was the best election in my erasmus experience “live in beneluxlaan” when you arrive at this place you know how special is , the building, the corridor, the toilets… hehe but the most important think is the people who lives there, I don’t know in others years but in my case it was full of really great people, people from Canada, Turkey, France,Belgium ,Spain… and of course Dutches.
All of them helped me for living better there, we made a lot of parties I remember two with special affection “the Spanish party” because sixteen friends of mine came to see me and we made a perfect spanish party with guitars and people singing and drinking all the night and of course there are another one called “Out of control party” it was the Julien’s birthday as well, so we combined both thinghs and it was perfect.
And what can I say more… although may be you don’t have place for eat and you have to do it over ironing board even on the floor and another peculiarities that beneluxlaan have, i’m still saying is the best place for live your Erasmus experience, and you also have a great people like Mr Beneluxlaan (also called Tim .T.haha 😉 and Marie Claire that they always been there, for me they were my best support, I will never forget singing with Claire, watching movies with Tim, eating with Coloma, Coco, Elena,Patricia…drinking “Maximators”, with Marina Ana, Xavi and Guadalajara’s boys … and of course all the parties on the groud floor with the rest.
I hope to come back soon and for the people who is living now there…please use the time and then I hope all of you may have the same memory that I have.

Always Beneluxlaan Team!!!

Isabel Ramirez Liebana

November 2009