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Beneluxlaan 924 A


The building

Until recently, this building where you will be staying was a nursing home. A couple of years ago SSH Utrecht converted the home into a temporary residence for Dutch students. Short Stay Solutions is now using Beneluxlaan 924 A for Short Stay housing purposes. The building is being converted to accommodate young international guests that study or work in the Netherlands. This building has 7 floors and both international guests and Dutch students are living here. When a Dutch guest leaves his/her room, Short Stay will furnish the room for an international guest.

Communal areas

There is a communal kitchen, but Dutch residents use these now as well. Therefore the fridge, microwave and electric kettle will be in your room. As soon as all the rooms are rented out to Short Stay guests the communal kitchen will be equipped for short stay students. Every floor has a at least one bathroom and toilet and these facilities are shared with other tenants on that floor

The rooms

The inventory is property of Short Stay Solutions. Please take care of these items and report anything missing or damaged. Upon arrival you have one week to report any missing items, after that period we assume everything is complete and you will be accountable. Most rooms have a wash basin. There are single rooms and shared rooms.

How to reach the Beneluxlaan

From the Central Railway Station you take the Connexxion Tram that goes to Nieuwegein or IJsselstein and get off at the “Vasco da Gamalaan”.


Bicycles can be left on the ground floor of the building in the bicycle shed. That is the only place where it is allowed to leave your bike! Short Stay Solutions will remove your bicycle if you leave it anywhere else, like in the hallway of the building. When you move out from the Beneluxlaan, make sure not to leave any bikes or wrecks of any kind.

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Parking your car

You can leave your car on the designated parking spots in front off the building. These parking spots are free and are there for everybody to use. Make sure you park your car in a proper way. Short Stay Solutions will check daily if everyone parks there car as they should.


Glass, paper and clothing can be recycled. You need to leave your household garbage in the containers which are located outside near the entrance of the building. Please leave the garbage in garbage bags and in the provided containers, not in boxes or whatsoever. The garbage will be picked up every Friday morning (except bank holidays, then usually a day later), you can put it outside as of Thursday evening 21.30. It’s prohibited to leave the garbage outside at other days, you can get a fine of € 50,- if you do that. In case you have big items to throw away, you can ring “RHD” to make an appointment 030-2866800, they collect it for free.

Cleaning and Hygiene

You are responsible for cleaning your own room and communal areas like the kitchen, shower, toilet, etc.  Do make a cleaning schedule among yourselves. The main public spaces in the building, such as the entrance hall, staircases and passages, are cleaned  by a cleaning company. They have the key to the building and will clean every week. Our staff performs regular cleaning and hygiene inspections.

Fire/emergency exits

All passages, including your floor passage, serve as an escape route in case of calamities. All passages are therefore always open to everyone. Therefore it is not allowed to store anything in the passages, corridors and hallway. Do check on the map of the building the nearest emergency exit for you. When there is a fire or a lot of smoke, always stay as low as possible since smoke goes up and get out of the building. If possible inform everybody in the building to get out of the building. Ring 112 in case of an emergency.

Rules of conduct

Beneluxlaan 924 A is a temporary home for people of many different countries with many different backgrounds and customs. Please bear this in mind during your stay. Keep the radio/music volume down and avoid disturbing others in any way. Passages must be kept clear, free of objects. In the passages and other communal area’s of the building it needs to be quiet between 22.00-07.00 o’clock.

Telephone and internet

There is no phone connection. There is an internet room on the ground floor with 10 internet outlets especially for Short Stay guests. Every guest will receive a key for this room. You need to bring your own laptop computer and a cable to connect your computer to the oulet.


Downstairs past the bicycle storage is a laundry room. There is no dryer, you have a clothing rack in your room. After the cycle is ready, please wait a minute till the machine unlocks the door. The front door key will also open the laundry room.