Access point status

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ground floor
1st floor
2nd floor
3th floor
4th floor
5th floor
6th floor

Network total octets

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Netwerk octets inbound

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Network octets outbound

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Network user IP leases

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Network line traffic

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Network floor traffic

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Internet access

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Request internet access

Request internet access on the Beneluxlaan 924A wireless network by filling in the registration form below.

Room number:
E-mail: Payment confirmations will be send to this address.
Where are you from:
Computer name: The computername is used to identify your computer on the network. Click here for more information!
Computer MAC address: The MAC address is an unique number of the network interface on your laptop. Click here for more information!
Network: Select the access point with the strongest signal.

The beneluxlaan network

A story about the last years of the beneluxlaan network.

Show network usage

Realtime detailed view of the network usage.


Need help with your laptop.


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Here you’ll find some questions and ansers. We can only help you if there is a problem in the network. For other laptop troubles please check if you can find the anser below.

My connection doesn’t work!
Yeah, we hear that all the time!

  1. Does your roommate or neighbor have a connection?
  2. Yes: Reboot your laptop, restore from a backup, or theck the other questions.
    No: Did you pay? Have you subscribed to this page? Contact us if you did pay!

  3. Check if you’re connected to the wireless internet, and the signal is okay.
  4. Disconnect from the network and try to reconnect. Is you’re wireless card in your laptop activated?

  5. Have you got an IP Address asigned?
  6. Suppose you are connected but cannot open for example. Did you pay?
    Check if you have a IP Address assigned. If you have got one contact us!

I want to connect a second device e.g. phone to the network!
If youve subcribed and payed for a laptop connection, contact us so that we can activate your phone of PDA to the network for free.

My laptop is slow!
So is mine!

I’m connected and have internet but it is slow.
Try a differend website. Or check the bandwith usage (Show network) if it is the network or your laptop. If your roommate is downloading p0rn tell him/here to do that later, the connection will be faster as he/she stops.

An other question we’ve forgot to mention?
We can only help you if it is related to our wireless network. If it works at our e.g. laptop, PDA or cellphone you are in a bad luck.


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Beneluxlaan aka Beneluxland

The Beneluxlaan 924A in Utrecht is a formal nursing house that is now filled with partying students. Because the SSH rooms are not equipped with an internet connection we created a network that provides internet for every student, see the menu internet access for more details.

Beneluxlaan is a special place to live, just ask all the people who have lived here! I know, I have to admit, the first couple of days everybody is asking me ‘how can you live here’, well everybody is telling me when their time is over that they will miss this place, A LOT! Just see for your self what nice parties we have here, what secrets this building has, what crazy people live here. All the stories will give you a good idea what is happening over here in good old Beneluxland!

If you have any questions please contact me.

Best regards,