No more internet?

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Since today it will not be possible to connect to the network on the following floors:
– Ground floor;
– 4th floor;
– 5th floor;
– 6th floor;

As of tomorrow (10th of April 2013) the other floors will be disconnected from the wireless internet provided by

Let me take you back in time:


In August we contacted the SSH to ask for permission to have an external company make a quote for a fiberchannel internet connection. The idea behind this visit was to have high speed internet for the whole building. Permission was granted and a quote was received. With this quote we contacted the SSH and requested that they would, partly, invest in this infrastructure.

In the beginning of October we received a mail from the SSH that they will not invest in this upcoming project of us.

The mail also stated that they are, as they informed us before, the building would be occupied by international students, and that they would not have internet in their rooms. If we wanted to arange something, it would have to be payed all by ourselfs. (mail: tue 02-10-07).

As you can imagine that would be unacceptable, as I lived here without internet for some months as well, I saw the need of a stable internet connection for students.


As written in another story on the beneluxlaan website, we started to create a small wireless network:

Around September we asked the SSH again so participate in this project (mail: mon 15-09-08), but unfortunatley we where informed that the SSH cannot have a business relation with a tennant (mail: tue 21-10-08). Also a work-around like a middle man or external company was not possible.

But if we wanted to create our own network, and charge the internetional students for this, that would not be a problem. As motivated, the tennant can choose if he/she wants to pay for an extra service or use the SSH internet room on the ground floor.

It must be noted that all the communication between us and the SSH went incredibly good.

An always good reminder is a picture taken on the 2nd floor, where the people could use the (free) wireless internet from the 1st floor. As in the begining we didn’t have enough money to place wireless accesspoints on every floor.

2009 – 2011

More changes to the network where made, as we did not have the money to do everything in one time, it took us months, and some even years, to create the network we have today.

A small impression of today’s network:

2012 – 2013

A long story short (more details will be posted here later):
As of February 2013 the SSH finally got an own network installed in the Beneluxlaan 924A, they kindly requested me to disable the network, due to multiple reasons I made for me the best decision and started to disable the network in steps on 9th of April 2013
If you got questions, please contact SSH
More information will follow, first some nice cold beers ;.)


The elevator

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